12 JUNE 1920, Page 3

As we have said before, though we must deplore the

publi- cation of The Jewish Peril. pamphlet, and though we feel that it is by no means impossible, as Mr. Lucien Wolf suggests, that the pamphlet is a piece of the worst typo of German mon- archical propaganda, we still hold that there Is a Jewish Peril. The true Jewish Peril is of a very different kind from that of a conspiracy to create a universal Jewish monarchy, and it is a peril which would be greatly increased by accusations against the Jews as a whole. Though we have no prejudice whatever against the Jews as Jews and see many fine qualities in the Jewish raoe—they are good husbands and wives, good :Where and mothers, and good sons and daughters—we are convinced that at the present moment the professors of the Jewish faith are far too numerous in our Government. Under existing cir- cumstances the presence of the normal and average Jew in the Cabinet does not make for good government. With a Jew Lord Chief Justice, with a Jew representing India in the Cabinet, and possessed of practically autocratic, powers over the Indian Empire, with a Jew private secretary to the Prime Minister, and therefore with a Jew controlling the door to the fountain of honour, with a Jew in the Ministry whose self-proclaimed motto is " Make yourself necessary," and with Jews scattered broad- cast throughout the higher posts in ono at least of the great public offices we are bound to confess that sinful as our nation may have been in the past In the matter of Jewish persecution, we have got a good many more Jews than we deserve, and the wrong kind of Jew at that.