12 JUNE 1920, Page 3

But even if that is true, not all Jews, nor

even a large number of Jews, but only a few Jews were and are connected with what Disraeli called these unhallowed Societies: Indeed, if we may hazard a guess on the whole matter we should say that the pamphlet,. like the writings cited. by Mr. Lucien Wolf in which it probably had its origin, was not the sole work of an. agent provocateur, but were based upon the outpourings of. some crazy and embittered. Hebrew zealot.. The documents contained in the pamphlet seems to us to have an ability and a passion which it.is very difficult to connect with the ordinary Houck/rd. We confess that for historical purposes we should like to hays a little more light upon the rliuminati and what these Bogy Men of the French Revolution did or did not do. Very possibly their influenee has been exaggerated, but we are anxious to know about them. and their aims a,nd how far they still survive.