12 JUNE 1920, Page 3

The deforcement of an armed guard in Dublin by a

party of Sinn. Feiners has found a speedy parallel in County Cork. A cyclist patrol of eleven soldiers, guided by a policeman, was approaching the village of Carrigtohill at 10 p.m.. last. Saturday, when it observed on the road ahead a crowd of some fifty men ostensibly engaged in watching a, bowling match. The patrol was cycling at a leisurely pace through the crowd when the latter suddenly drew their pistols, knocked the soldiers off their bicycles, and took away their rifles. No resistance was made, and we suppose that another Court of Inquiry will be convened. In answer to Lord Winterton on Tuesday, Mr. Churchill' denied that orders had been given in Ireland that armed guards were " not to fire if they could avoid it." But we really should like to know why the troops in Ireland seem unable to take the simplest military precautions.