12 JUNE 1920, Page 3

We publish elsewhere a very interesting communication from Mr. Lucien

Wolf in which he seeks to prove that the pamphlet entitled The Jewish Peril was a forgery produced and put forth by Russian anti-Semites in order to raise an unjust and cruel prejudice against the Hebrew race. In our opinion he makes good his contention. Our readers will remember that his is in effect the view that we took from internal evidence—i.e., from the nature of the evidence afforded by the pamphlet itself, for we laid no claim to special or expert knowledge of the Political activities of Hebrew dreamers, of Secret Societies, or of the Russian. Secret Police. In a word, the facts adduced by

Mr. Lucien Wolf strongly confirm our suspicions concerning the pamphlet and its origin. At the same time wo aro not absolutely convinced that he has got to the bottom of the matter. Though we believe that what Mr. Wolf asserts is true per se, we are not so sure that it is the whole truth. Though we do not believe in any serious or dangerous conspiracy of the Anti-Christ order, but look upon it as a pure delusion, we are rather inclined to take Disraeli's view that a good many of the persecuted and desperateJews have found, or attempted to find; some consolation from their wrongs in plots and Secret Societiet and are doing so at this moment.