12 JUNE 1971, Page 27

One nun gets one

Mr Richard Crossman has set up a useful advertising competition in the New Statesman prospecting for a 'new kind of advertising, an awareness of the need for im- proving or safeguarding the quality of life', just right for the SPECTATOR. The winner is an advertisement for Teddy Goldsmith's magazine The Ecologist. A sickening ad-

vertisement headed Social Cannibalism under a photo of a man's severed hand on a dinner plate between a knife and fork and a full glass of wine, has been chosen by Lord Thomas of Remenham (formerly Sir Miles Thomas and until recently chairman of the National Savings Movement, the Pair of Shoes Club and other ventures), Sir George Weidenfeld and some other Salomes in this line. If Teddy Goldsmith uses the ad it may rebound on him like the one about 'the man who is still alone with a Strand'.

The advertisement for Green Shield Stamps with evocative copy beneath a pic- ture of an old nun with a collecting box sug- gesting that trading stamps may be redeemed against church windows or War-on-Want tractors seemed to my sceptical eye the pro- per winner—not only of the competition but of the brilliant owner of Green Shield, Mr Granville Tompkins's, advertising patronage.