12 JUNE 1971, Page 27


Let's hope the Prime Minister doesn't make society priest Nicholas Stacey a bishop just yet. The moment there's disaster anywhere he's on the Jack de Manio show (the nac must persuade de Manio to stay, as his pro- gramme is the best thing on the air) telling us what should be done and emphasising clearly that only governments through a permanent World Disaster Organisation or something similar are adequate. Eventually after a few more earthquakes, floods and plagues some organisation will be formed. Meanwhile it's said that there is money unspent and frozen from the Aberfan catas- trophe and from the Indian floods last year. My sympathy goes out more readily to countries suffering from natural than man- made disasters which are invariably the result of religious or political true believers (the same thing) sedulously applying them- selves to 'educating' others, whether in Pakistan, Vietnam or Northern Ireland.

This said, Bengal badly needs help. If you want to relieve the suffering send money to Oxfam, Oxford; Save the Children Fund, 29 Queen Anne's Gate, London swl; or War on Want, 2b The Grove, London w5. Donations to the India Pakistan Relief Fund should be addressed to ro Box 999, London wc2R OsD.