12 MARCH 1864, Page 1


THE Baby has been christened. The ceremony was performed on .1. Thursday, in the Chapel of Buckingham Palace, amidst a blaze of royalty and jewels. The infant received the names of Albert Victor Christian Edward, of which the first two will, it appears, be used, the Lord Steward at the subsequent breakfast proposing " The health of His Royal Highness the Prince Albert Victor of Wales," who did not acknowledge the toast. There were eight sponsors either present or represented, and the description of the ceremony occupies four columns of the Times. Well, the child must rule one day a fifth of the human race, and we do not, therefore, think that there is anything very incongruous in making, of the different landmarks in his life, State events. Milk, one would think, was just now more important to him than royalties ; but the pageant gave Englishmen an opportunity of expressing their one genuine feeling in the matter—pleasure in the pleasure of the House which presides over them so well.