12 MARCH 1864, Page 1

The bigots have succeeded once more at Oxford, and rejected

the Statute endowing Professor Jowett's chair by a majority of 467 against 395. In the Convocation held to consider the subject on Tuesday, Archdeacon Denison began a Latin speech against the Statute, in which he was understood to say that the question at issue was one concerning the faith not in but of Jesus Christ (agitur de fide Tau Christi), a remark which seemed to some to have a Unitarian bias,—but he was quickly stopped by the impatience of Convocation, and ended abruptly with the taunt "Linguam Latinam non intelligitis," a sarcasm said to have a good deal of truth in it, but to apply more especially to the rural followers of the Arch- deacon. 'The Senior Proctor first announced the result to be favour- able to the Statute, but had to reverse his statement, a contretemps. which immensely enhanced the delight of the majority when they found they had again really succeeded in depriving Professor Jowett of 3601. a year. To a question put on the subject in Parliament on Thursday night, the Chancellor of the Exchequer replied that Government could not move in the matter, and were in possession of no information tending to show that the decision was final. We hope it may not prove so, or it would be a great weapon in the hands of Mr. Bright's party for disfranchising the University

on occasion of the next Reform Bill. Would it be possible to find even amongst freemen or potwallopers 467 electors capable of' voting for keeping a heretic schoolmaster, simply because he wets a heretic, on low pay ?