12 MARCH 1864, Page 3

Mr. G. Grove, Secretary to the Crystal Palace Company, has

written to the Times to expose a flagrant case of literary piracy. M. Emelte Pierotti, who, whatever his other merits, draws very badly, has published a large and costly volume called " Jerusalem Explored," in which he has inserted without acknowledgment palpable copies of plates by Fergusson, Tipping, Robertson, and others. We have examined the affair for ourselves, and there cannot be a doubt that fig. 1, plate xxvii. has been taken from one published by Mr. Fergusson, his work having apparently been photographed and then engraved. The very mistakes of the original engraver are repeated. So also, in plate xxii., which, ac- cording to M. Pierotti, he photographed, it is a little remarkable that the man who was standing there when Mr. Graham photo- graphed the place should have remained there in the same attitude ever since. In plate xxv. M. Pierotti or his agent has copied a plate of Mr. Tipping's, has mistaken an enlargement of the brickwork for a vertical wall, has drawn it accordingly, and then has added a section which proves that the wall did not exist. There are a dozen such instances in the book, all of them not a little hard on the gentlemen who have given years and hundreds of pounds to the works M. Pierotti so coolly claims.