12 MARCH 1864, Page 3

The Viennese correspondent of the Times, usually fairly cautious and

accurate, announces that Austria and Prussia are now pledged to each other to stand together in the event of a general war, and that Austria and Russia have come to an understanding with respect to Poland. This statement, if correct, amounts to a revival of the Holy Alliance, of which rumours have for some time been afloat, and will do more to re-cement the entente cordiale between England and France than reams of Earl Rumen letters. One of the first fruits of the agreement has been the consent of Austria to the conquest of Jutland, which has been entered by three Aus- trian brigades, who have driven back the Danes into Fredericia, and pushed up to the suburbs. The pretext for this outrage, which entirely changes the character of the war, is the Danish attack on German fleets, the real motive a desire to compel the Danes to evacuate Alsen without inflicting on the invaders the task of storm- ing the works. With this exception, the week has been passed by the Danes in improving their position at Diippel, and by the Ger- mans in bringing up a heavy siege train, which passed through Hamburg on Wednesday.