12 MARCH 1892, Page 3

Dr. Pollach, the Austrian Bishop who is Deputy-Vicar- Apostolic for

China, has been giving his opinion as to the origin of the present movement against foreigners in China. It is, he believes, entirely Nationalist. The pride of the Chinese as against the Tartars has of late years greatly increased, and they intend to get rid, first of the dynasty, and afterwards of all intercourse with Europeans. They are creating a national Fleet and a national Army, and making great efforts to increase their national wealth, especially by developing the almost unused mineral riches of the country. The Catholic clergy of China bury themselves so completely among the people, that this is valuable evidence ; but to make it perfect, it would be necessary to know from what part of China Dr. Pollach derives his information. The provinces differ exceedingly in tone among themselves, and the Centre may be given up to exclusiveness while the East and South are willing to build railways and open trade. There seems, however, little doubt that some obscure cause has recently revived Nationalist feeling, and that Europe may during its next great war suddenly find itself plunged into ac,ontest with China which will tax all its maritime strength to prevent a massacre. The singular fact is the difficulty the Chinese find in arming them- selves. They have plenty of money, and they have admirable artificers, while they can learn to do almost anything ; but they have been ten years trying to obtain a great force of riflemen, and have not succeeded yet. We presume, without actually knowing, that the higher officials, who belong to both parties, are deliberately and consciously thwarting each other's policy.