12 MARCH 1892, Page 3

The proposed arbitration as to American and English rights in

Behring Sea, already accepted by President Harrison and

Lord Salisbury, will, it is stated, be also accepted by the Senate. The American Government is, however, very bitter about the modus vivendi to be observed until the arbitrators have made their award. Lord Salisbury proposed that the sea should be open for the year, with the exception of a circuit of thirty miles round the great sealing-ground, the Pribyloff Islands. Tjle Americans think that the Canadians will use this to sweep off the seals this season, and con- demn it as arrogant, and almost insulting. It is, they say, a claim to seize the whole property in dispute while they are arranging for arbitration. The matter has been referred to Lord Salisbury, who will doubtless discover some compromise ; but we fancy he is a little hampered by the eagerness of the Canadians. They fear that the arbitration will, as usual, go against Great Britain, and want one good fishing season before they are altogether shut out. Why not propose to close the sea to all fishers till the award has been given P That will give the poor seals one year's close-time, and a chance of recruiting their numbers, and will leave more skins for both countries if the award should prove a fair one. It is possible that some of the bitterness expressed at Washington is due to the approach of the time for nominating a President, The British Lion's tail has to be pulled, or the Irifth will vote wrong.