12 MARCH 1904, Page 1

The Bombay Times of India, which has, we believe, a

native proprietary, declares that in the present war the immense bulk of educated native opinion is on the side of the Japanese. This arises partly, says our contemporary, from pleasure in the achievements of an Asiatic State, and partly from the extreme dislike of Russia, which is marked in native society. The latter statement is, we believe, correct, both Hindoos and Mussulmans holding that under a Russian regime their creeds would be oppressed ; but it is hardly probable that the great body of natives know anything of the Japanese. The Sikhs do, however, for their regiments fought side by side with the Japanese in the rescue of the Legations, and it was noted at the time that Sikh Subahdars weighed them against Russians, and decided in their favour. It is probable, too, that the Ghoorkas, who are half Mongols by race, and have a traditional reverence for Pekin, are well aware that the islanders defeated the Chinese.