12 MARCH 1904, Page 17

Sra.,—The following story of a strange animal friendship may be

of interest to you. I am the owner of a pony and a email black pig, which, after the manner of the country, runs loose and finds its own food. The pony is kept stabled at night, but for part of the day is out grazing, and is fed with corn every morning near the dining-room window. The corn is put in a box which rests on the ground. When the pony comes he is always accompanied by the pig, who sits between his fore-feet and occasionally takes a little corn himself. If he takes too much, the pony gives him a gentle bite, as a reminder not to be greedy. The pig sleeps against the stable door (it is not allowed to go inside) so as to be near its friend, and when the pony is grazing, the pig is always just alongside. When I go out for a drive or a ride, and the pony has to wait, friend pig lies down between his feet until we start. On returning from the drive the pig jumps about, making the most absurd antics to greet his friend, and grunts a queer sharp grunt, looking for all the world like a fat and clumsy old spaniel greeting its master. It then trots off to the stable with its friend.—I am, Sir, &c., F. E. ALLHUSEN. Torrington, Malvern, Jamaica.