12 MARCH 1904, Page 18

Sru,—My attention has been drawn to an article in the

Spectator of February 27th, under the heading of "The Cash Value of Animals," in which it is asserted that "the record price for a bull was for a Hereford, not a shorthorn, the sum being 3,800 guineas for a bull called 'Lord Wilton." I beg to state that this is not correct, as the highest price ever paid for a bull in the world, up to the present time, was that for the shorthorn 'Duke of Connaught,' 33,604, bred by the Earl of Dunmore, and sold at his great sale on August 25th, 1875, and purchased by the late Lord Fitzhardinge for 4,500 guineas. I think this is fairly well known in the stock-breeding world; but I shall be glad if you will insert this in your next issue —I am, Sir, &c., JAXES PETER. Berkeley.