12 MARCH 1904, Page 2

The new Cape Parliament was opened on Friday, March 4th,

and the Redistribution Bill was read the first time. It pro- vides for three additional seats in the Legislative Council and twelve in the House of Assembly, a reform which, in addition to redressing electoral grievances, will, it seems certain, raise the Progressive majority beyond any chance of detrition. The new seats in the Assembly will be distributed chiefly among the larger towns, which have long been inadequately represented. The Premier apparently does not intend to dissolve after the passing of the Bill, but to have by- elections under the new law,—a wise plan, in our opinion, for it would scarcely be politic to plunge the country into a General Election so soon again, when there is so much legis- lative work to be done. We trust that the whole electoral law of the Cape will be subjected to revision, and an end put to the ridiculous system, framed in the "fifties," under which it is impossible to elect a new Parliament under six months.