12 MARCH 1904, Page 23

A Bush Honeymoon. By Laura M. Palmer-Archer (" Bush- woman

"). (T. Fisher Unwin. Ss.)—This is a collection of rather striking Australian stories and sketches, of which the first, which gives the book its title, is by no means the best. To the English reader anxious for local colour to enable him to understand the life of his Australian brother, the most interesting of the sketches will probably be the one entitled "A Visit to a Woolshed," in which the author gives a vivid, and even attractive, picture of sheep-shearing. English housekeepers dissatisfied with their domestic arrangements had better read the story entitled "Mazy Ann." After this they will probably feel that there are worse things than English servants, and that even the charwoman of the British Isles is a being for whom one should, be thankful.