12 MARCH 1904, Page 25

Notes to Palgrave's Golden Treasury, Books (Macmillan

and Co. 2s. 6d.)—If we say but little of this excellent book, it is not because we do not value it highly. It is simply impossible to criticise the multitude of comments, explanations, criticism, illus- trations, which have been brought together for the purpose of assisting in the appreciation of more than three hundred classical poems. The notes on Books I., III., IV. have been put together by Mr. J. H. Fowler, those on Book II. by Mr. W. Bell. It is im- possible to estimate the addition thus made to the value of the collection. One may know all that needs to be known about this or that poem ; but to have them all so enriched is indeed a boon, very cheaply purchased at the modest price asked for this volume with its two hundred and fifty pages.