12 MARCH 1921, Page 21

READABLE NOVELS.—Ursula Finch. By Isabel C. Clarke. (Hutchinson. 8e. 6d.

net.)—The story of a younger daughter who in classical fashion is made the Cinderella of the family. She takes a situation as nursery governess in Rome, becomes a Roman Catholic, and finally, though she cannot aspire to a fairy prince, marries extremely well.—Villa Elea. By Stuart Henry. (London : A. F. Bird, about 17s. &I. net.)—A minutely detailed story of pre-war Germany written from the point of view of a young American. It will be found full of interest by those who wish to study the character and morals of the German people.—A Case in Camera. By Oliver Onions. (Arrowsmith. 7s. 6d. net.)—Whether the curious physical phenomenon on which the story turns is possible or not, the author makes it entirely credible, and founds on it a most ingenious story. It would be unfair to divulge the mystery, which readers will do well to study for themselves.