12 MARCH 1932, Page 20

THE Isrrus Buss.

The Anti-Reformers-have at length screwed their courage to the sticking-point ; a preternatural birth has taken place, in the shape of two little Reform Bills, after eighteen months' severe labour. The twins are acknowledged by only a part of the family, as we under. stand that the Duke of WELLINGTON and his party will not coun.

tenance the monstrous productions Another week, when we have room, we may, for our readers' amusement, give at length the drafts of these two nice little Bills." They are curiosities worth noting they serve to mark the darkness of these mite-like politicians, who cannot see those about to eat them up. The Boroughmongers are in agony, and know it not—their brains have gone before their breath ; they utter words whose meaning they are unconscious of, and conceive themselves patriotic as persons going to be hanged believe themselves pious.