12 MAY 1855, Page 12


It seems as though something must always happen to keep the Demi- Monde of Alexandre Dumas fils before the public. The editor of one of those exclusively theatrical journals of which there arc several in Paris lately ventured to state, that on a certain night it was possible to see this wonderful piece without taking especial care to secure places; adding, as another sign of decadence, that Mademoiselle Figeac had abandoned her part to Mademoiselle Desiree. Upon this M. Montigny, the director of the Gymnase, commences proceedings against the editor, and has him served with a document to which there is nothing corresponding in the English law, and which cites the guilty paragraph together with the manager's reply thereto. By publishing this document at the head of his paper, the editor avoids further proceedings, and undergoes no injury beyond the payment of 5 francs costs ; while the director by urging its insertion lays before the public a series of figures showing the attractive power of Le Demi-Monde as represented in hard cash.