12 MAY 1866, Page 1

From Berlin, Vienna, and Florence every mail brings fresh accounts

of the enthusiastic preparations for war, and peace is only mentioned now in diplomatic documents. The Austrians have flooded the country round Mantua. Italian conspirators have fired the Austrian frigate Novara in the arsenal of Pole. Venice is no longer to be entered or left by travellers, and 20,000 Croats are assembled in Dalmatia. The Austrian Government has fol- lowed the lead of the Italian in issuing inconvertible paper ; all the three powers alike have now mobilized their whole army, and are probably wishing eagerly and equally that Garibaldi or some other irresponsible person would open the ball. If no one else will move, Prussia will probably find some excuse to enter Saxcai).

the German Diet is still sitting, affecting to call out troops, and exercise authority—to which of course no one defers.