12 MAY 1866, Page 2

The seven seats handed over by England and Wales to

Scotland are to be apportionel thus,—an additional member. to each of the three counties of Ayr, Lanark, and Aberdeen ; an additional member to Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee ; and one to the Scotch Universities. The Scotch borough franchise would be 71., as in England, and the county franchise 14/., as in England. The former will add, it is calculated, 26,223 new borough voters, of whom 17,670 would be of the working class. In the enlarged borough constituencies 27,844, or about one-third, would belong to the working clans. But in only six boroughs will the proportionate influence of the working class be increased, and in the other 15 it would be relatively diminished. The new county franchise would add probably 22,000 electors, making a total of 45,794 county electors. Instead of the 40s. freehold franchise for counties, Scot- land is to have a 5/. (instead of the present 10/.) property franchise, residence being required.