12 MAY 1866, Page 3

Mr. Newdegate, on occasion of the discussion about the Tran-

:substantiation declaration in the House of Commons on Tuesday night, turned fiercely upon Mr. Whalley,—questioned his Pro- testantism, and suggested that he, too, is a concealed Jesuit. 'The argument is only too plausible. Mr. Whalley disgusts -everybody with the anti-Roman Catholic cry. Is it not highly probable therefore that he is retained by the Jesuits expressly for that purpose? That is good reasoning, but what may we not infer from it? Mr. Newdegate disgusts us with the same cry. DO. Newdegate is a Jesuit. The Orangemen of Ireland, and Lord Shaftesbury, and the Recordites, and the Record itself, .sieken us with the same cry. They are all Jesuits. The universal Jesuit is at the back of all the anti-Romanist speakers and thinkers. Only those who oppose Protestantism in a spirit adapted to disgust us with Romanism are to be believed true Protestants. Mr, Newdegate generalizes rashly. But, after all, it is a lesson worth learning, that all who are foolishly intolerant to any other form of faith are, whatever they may think themselves, really its -friends in disguise.