12 MAY 1866, Page 3

The elections and election committees of the week have, on

the -whole, perhaps been favourable to the Liberals, though the good fortune has been pretty fairly divided. At Windsor the two Con- servative candidates retired, and left the Liberal candidates, Mr. R. Eykyn and Mr. C. Edwards, to be returned unopposed. At Nottingham Mr. Bernal Osborne was returned at the head of the _poll, and Lord Amberley, who polled 20 votes fewer than Mr. -Osborne but 86 more than the Conservative, Sir G. Jenkinson, was also returned ; but at Sandwich Mr. Brassey, the Liberal -candidate, was defeated by eight votes, the Conservative, Mr. Cappey, polling 466 to his 458; and at Northallerton the Conser- Native candidate, Mr. Lascelles, had a majority of 23 votes over his Liberal opponent, Mr. Wrightson. The Devonport Election Com- anittee have unseated the Conservative members, Mr. Ferrand and Mr. Fleming, but not found them guilty of bribery. The new Conservative candidates are the Hon. Reginald Abbot and Mr. Raikes, and the Liberals, Admiral Dacres and Mr. Montague 'Chambers. At Hereford Mr. Baggallay, the Conservative member, .retains his seat. Sir Stafford Northcote has retired from Stam- ford to accept the seat for North Devon vacated by Mr. Trefusis, now Lord Clinton, and was elected without opposition, as was .also Rear-Admiral Sir John Hay for the seat vacated at Stam- ford.