12 MAY 1923, Page 1

We regard these monstrous sentences wIth surprise and dismay, but

we are glad to note that protests have been raised in France as well as elsewhere on the ground that such severity will certainly defeat itself. If the Krupp directors had plotted to murder French generals, or had even been consenting parties to infamies of that sort, there would be something to be said for the severity. As it is, we regard it frankly as savage. This is the way. to increase German resistance, not to stop it ; and yet everybody knows that the French really want to stop it. If Germany had won the War the German Emperor would, no doubt, have treated his victims in this way, but the whole object of the Allied victory, as we conceive it, and, indeed, as it has been officially stated to be on all hands, is to mend what was broken not to ,continue the ghastly destruction.