12 MAY 1923, Page 11

In a recent speech in Montreal, Mr. Meighen, the ex-Premier

of Canada, had some memorable things to say on the need for co-operation between the free peoples of the British Commonwealth. This extract is taken from a cable of the Times Toronto correspondent :— " In the last two centuries the British Empire had used the sword but had not lived by the sword, and with its extension had gone profit and blessing for those with whom it came in contact. He declared that Imperialism was not the sound of drums and• flashing of swords, but the closer union of all parts of the Empire.

It is our duty to carry such a share of a common burden as is fitting and appropriate for a nation such as ours.' If anyone !crew how defence could be brought about more certainly, cheaply and honourably than by standing beside the nation that most of all seeks peace on earth, he was ready to listen to an alternative proposal. He believed that the most glorious chapters in British history would be written in the next quarter of a century.