12 MAY 1923, Page 11

When we envisage the British Empire or Common- wealth of

the future, do we really mean the white peoples of our world-state ? That is to say, do we believe that the interests of the inhabitants of the people of Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, the white people of South Africa, New Zealand, Newfoundland, and the white settlers in such tropical countries as East and West Africa, the West Indies and elsewhere shall be paramount ? Or do we, when we think of the British Empire, if in the whirl of daily life we ever have time for such thoughts, visualize a world-state consisting of all colours, races and creeds in which the interests of no one racial strain shall predominate, but which will seek to rule in each section in accordance with the wish of the majority of the inhabitants in so far as that majority is fit to express its views ? The adoption of either standpoint carries with it very serious consequences, so that it behoves us before making up our minds to be quite certain of our ground.