12 MAY 1923, Page 2

An extraordinary- outrage was committed by Chinese brigands on the

railway near the Shantung border last Sunday. The train, although past experience had suggested that no such Violence was ever to be feared, was held up by a force of brigands numbering probably over a thousand. There were thirty-six foreign pas- sengers in the train, of whom sixteen were Americans. The brigands inspired .terror in. their customary way, according to the Peking correspondent of the Times, by demoniacal yelling and indiscriminate shooting. An English merchant of Shanghai was killed, and nineteen other passengers were carried off, The women were soon released, but the men eaptives.are held for ransom. The brigands are known to be ex-soldiers of General Chang Hsun. The Times correspondent says that the European colony in Peking regards it as essential that the Powers should take a firm line with China.