12 MAY 1923, Page 2

On Friday, May 4th, 'the Lausanne Conference had a bad

day, as the direct conflict between the two sides about judicial safeguards for foreigners in Turkey led to no hope of a settlement. It will be remembered that last February, just before the Conference broke down, the Allies proposed that Turkey should accept for five years the service of " legal counsellors " as a substitute for the old Capitulations. The legal counsellors were to be selected 'from a panel drawn up by the Permanent Court of International Justice at 'The Hague. This scheme was a kind of eleventh-hour concession to the Turks, and Sir Horace Rumbold pointed out to the Conference on Friday, May 4th, that the Turks must not now regard the scheme as representing the final opinion of the Allies. In fact, a new draft scheme had been drawn up which was an attempt to make the safeguards more precise, though there was still, of course, a full desire to respect Turkish sovereignty in all essential matters. Ismet Pasha at once replied that he could not accept any alterations. In other words, he fought for the very scheme which he had rejected in February. In the end the Allies decided to circulate the new draft and reserve the right to discuss it again in - Committee. The Conference has since considered other matters; but no number of agreements on these other matters will be availing until there is a settlement about the treatment of foreigners in Turkey.