12 MAY 1923, Page 2

The Labour Party will do well to show that it

takes its refusal to allow. Communists to be affiliated to itself quite seriously, and to refrain from making too much love to Russia. If a new rampageous movement towards unconstitutional action, with Direct Action and all the rest of it, is being hatched, the Labour Party will be wise to remember that Constitutionalism is its best friend. It would gain enormously by emphasizing the fact that it is free from all such Russian help in money as is given to the Communists and is revealed in the British. Memorandum to Russia. We learn that many thousands of pounds are paid regularly by Russia to Communists here. We cannot help asking why this very disagreeable fact was not published long ago instead of being reserved for a Memorandum to Russia, in which form most people will not even read it. Publicity is the cure for all diseases which thrive on the germ of mystery. We feel this more and more. Every honest Englishman despises the politician (whether he be a Communist or something else) who pretends to be running an independent cause when he is really drawing his money from an interested source abroad.