12 MAY 1923, Page 24

Blackwood's Magazine.

If we were to specify one magazine without which we cannot conceive clubs existing we should say, with confidence, Black-wood's. The May number, as Aisual, traverses the whole world for subjects of interest and brings us a very creditable supply of articles. The account (" From the Outposts ") of • campaigning among the Mislurris is excep- tionally good. The opening sentence witnesses to the excite- ments that follow : "Between the north-east frontier of Assam, the southern confines of Thibet, and the Chinese border lies a wild country of mountains, rivers, and jungle." In a subtler and quieter way Mr. A. C. Wratislaw's character- study of an honest Turk, the Commodore at Basra, is equally notable.