12 MAY 1923, Page 24

The Contemporary Review.

Sir Frederick Maurice has an important article on " The Armies of Europe." While the Western Allies have reduced their peace establishments and the former enemy Powers have very small armies, the new States have created large forces. because they fear attack. For them, even more than for France, the main question is how to attain security. They do not trust the League of Nations. Sir Frederick Maurice outlines a plan, which the League is considering, for the limitation of the League guarantee to continents, so that the European members, for example, may offer a solid guarantee to one another, through the agency of the League. Dr. Hugh Dalton deals with The Financial Situation " from the standpoint of one who is resolved not to be satisfied until the whole burden of taxation is laid upon the income-tax- paying class ; his suggestion, iniplied if not definitely expressed, that every income-taxpayer is also a large holder of War Loin is unhappily very wide of the mark. Mr. Arthur Greenwood attacks the Pensions Ministry. Sir Henry Rew discusses the Norfolk agricultural dispute in a temperate and informing article. An article by the late Ernest Troeltsch on " Public Opinion in Germany " reads like an honest expression of his real sentiments ; it must be remembered that Troeltsch did not sign the notorious pronouncement of the learned Germans who tried in September, 1914, to make the world believe that Germany had not willed or made the War. Professor licarnshaw's admirable paper on " Bacon as Historian " deserves mention.