12 MAY 1923, Page 24

The National Review.

Lord Midleton comments on " The Clash of Arms and Portfolios, 1914 and 1918," reproving the Asquith and Lloyd George Ministries for their incessant meddling with the commanders in the field—though the case of Lord French in 1914 was not on all fours with that of Lord Haig in the winter of 1917-18 as a hasty reader might assume from this article. Mr. Maxse attacks " Pro-Germanism in High Places " with his accustomed verve in the recent lecture which he has printed here. He spares Mr. Bonar Law no more than he spares the rest. Captain Brunton describes the work of the Anglo-French Boundary Commission, which laid down the frontier between Mandate Syria and Mandate Palestine in 1921. Mr. Ian D. Colvin speculates as to " The Patricians of To-Morrow" and laments the imminent peril in which, as he thinks, the governing classes stand. Mr. 0. M. Hueffer writes well on " The Old Guard in Canada "- the French Canadians who are, he says, the most loyal of British citizens.