12 MAY 1923, Page 25

The Treasure of Traprain. By Alexander 0. Curie, F.S.A.Scot., F.S.A.

(Glasgow : Maclehose, Jackson and Co. £3 38.) In 1919 the Treasure of Traprain, a hoard of Roman silver believed to be of the fourth century, was discovered on a small hill about twenty miles east of Edinburgh, called Traprain Law. In his excellently produced book Mr. Curleiwho was intimately connected with the excavations which had been commenced at Traprain in 1914, gives a complete descriptive inventory; of this treasure-and an account of its discovery. The find is greater than any hitherto recorded' to have been made in Great Britain: The forty-one plates and seventy figures in the text 'splendidly illustrate Mr. Curie's lucid and concise monograph. His speculations on the origin of the hoard are particularly interesting.