12 MAY 1923, Page 25

There are at present five canals in Scotland. The Caledonian

and the Crinan Canals are owned and operated by the State ; the Forth and Clyde, with its two smaller connexions, by rail- way companies. Mr. Pratt, who is a high authority on inland water traffic, gives a full historical and practical account of all five. " Anyone who wishes to gain support for views he may entertain in favour of nationalizing British canals and water- ways in general, on the assumption that State management is likely to be more efficient than company management, may be w ,rned against going to Scotland for his example 1" Mr. Pratt also discusses at length the various proposals which have been made for constructing ship canals m Scotland, and suggests that the comparatively modest scheme for enlarging the Crinan Canal is the only one within the practical sphere at the present moment..