12 MAY 1923, Page 26


ROMAN RECOLLECTIONS : The Forum and the Palatine.

By L. A. Reddie. (Sands. 6s.) Succinct information well illus- trated.

GOOD MEN WrruoUT FAITH. By the Right Rev. Bertram Pollock. (S.P.C.K. 2s. 6d.) A difficult subject not much


GREAT HYMNS AND THEIR STORIES. By W. J. Limner Sheppard. (R.T.S. 3s. 6d.) Trifling anecdotes about hymns.

THE THEORY OF THE HIGH COST OF LIVING. By M. 0. Kefeli. (Berlin : Emil Ebering.)

Translated from the Russian by Ealasky. English almost unreadable.

ALEXANDER DUFF : Pioneer of Missionary Education. By William Paton. (Student Christian Movement. 5s.) of real interest to old Angto-Indis.ns.

BEIEULAH : The Indian Pilgrim's Progress. By Captain I. W. Petabel and Koran Chandra, Sen. (Luzac and Co. 2 rupees.) An intricate Eastern allegory.

BEHIND TUNISIAN WALLS. By L. E. Douglas. (Near East Co. Ltd. 3s. 6d.) Guide book to Tunis. Prefaced by information about social customs of Mohammedans and Jews.

SIMON DE MONTFORT. By Somerset Bateman. (Birmingham : Cornish Bros.) History. Dry.

ARE THE DEAD CONSCIOUS. OR UNCONSCIOUS ? By E., D., A., K. C., M. A. (Elliot Stock. 3s. 6c1.) The authors believe that the dead. live. Evidence largely scriptural.

Do THE DEAD LIVE ? By Paul Heuze. Translated from the French. (John Murray. 5s.) Psychic evidence fairly weighed. Verdict not proven,