12 MAY 1950, Page 16

Dun and Dum

Stn,—Surely Janus is looking for something which is unlikely to exist when he expects some significance in spelling in this part of the world. I live in a house called Benreoch, after a mountain and a bum, but the house at the mouth of the same burn is called Inverrioch. I buy my groceries from the Tyness Stores in the hamlet of Teighness. The railway and the County Council spell the name of this village Arrocbar. The District Council spell it Arrachar, partly following Robert Burps, who dated a letter from Arracher. Sometimes my surname is written Gamble and sometimes Gamble Ker, as I am descended from a man who spelt his surname Ker or Kerr or Adamson (being the son of Adam Ker). I was, therefore, not at all surprised this morning to get a letter from the Clerk to the County of Dunbarton at Dumbarton which spelt my christian-name Chrystopher.—I am, Sir, your obedient servant,