12 MAY 1950, Page 16

SIR,—I am more than ever convinced by your article on

Pastor Niemoller that too much reliance has been placed on this man. He did not quarrel with Hitler over the appalling brutalities but solely over the question of the State domination of the Protestant Church. This attitude of his towards Hitler as a leader is illustrated by the fact, which he does not deny, that on the outbreak of war he offered his services to Hitler as a submarine commander.

Niemoller is a German first and foremost, and is imbued with the conviction, which is held by many Germans, that they are born to organise and to lead Russia. The danger is, indeed, great if Niemoller can persuade the German Protestants to join with Russia against the West.— Yours faithfully, ETHEL K. 'DAVIS. West Lodge Park, Hadley Wood, Herts.