12 MAY 1950, Page 16

The Flying Sauceboat

Sta.—Mr. Harry T. Moore wrote a very good-humoured letter. At the same time, to paraphrase a famous song: " We don't want any more, Mr. Moore." If he and your correspondent from Toronto do not believe what I say about our audiences, they had better ask Mi. Denny, of the Town Hall, New York Oity.

And here is a further piece of information that will cause alarm and despondency. Sir Osbert Sitwell and I each gave a lecture at Yale. The hall in which we lectured holds six thousand people. Not only was every seat occupied for each lecture, but the gangways at the back of the hall were crowded, and people sat on the window-sills. Sad, but true. It hardly looks, does it, as if the Americans are not interested in English poetry! And I think it doubtful if the professors, lecturers and under- graduates at Yale would be impelled by a vulgar curiosity.—I am, Sir,