12 MAY 2001, Page 63

Q. As we live 20 miles from our twins' day

school, we share the school-run with some neighbours who have an II-year-old boy in the year above our own boys. The boy is not without charm, but is fairly blunt in expressing his opinions, regularly complaining that our car is dirty, etcetera. Lately he has opined that 'Hitler was cool', going on to explain to our twins. 'My grandfather was a Nazi and actually Hitler did have very sound ideas at the beginning although later things went wrong for him.' How can we most tactfully correct the boy's misconceptions without risking implied offence to his parents, one of whom is German?

MR, Betwickshire A. Pass no comment. Simply buy the excellent cover-to-cover taped version of The Silver Sword by Ian SerraiHier and casually play it in the car on the school-run. If necessary, follow that up with When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr and, if all else fails. The Diary of Anne Frank.