12 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 1

Perhaps as evil is limited in its nature, it is

wisely ordered that there shall at no period be more than a certain quantity of it in operation, lest its resources should be exhausted prematurely, and the Millennium arrive before mankind are ready for it. But a few weeks ago, the capital and the provinces of France were in a daily state of turmoil, and we were in profound repose ; now France is quiet, and the daemon of di rides on the whirlwind through pudding-loving En his wings over White Conduit House, and kindles c what at Bristol. Again, but a few weeks ago, yi weak as that of CASIMIR PERRIER, what Ministry oz. that of Lord GREY ? Now it is " hands across and c a : • site's —CASIMIR is seated in the saddle as firm as a rock, .atis,t. Lord GREY, if chroniclers are to be in aught believed, is in momentary danger of a fall. The Peerage Reform Bill of the forraer will be carried, even with the consent of the Lords—if not, he will compel their consent : the Commpas Reform. Bill of the latter will, it is. feared, not be carried either with the consent of the Lords or against it Such are the ups and downs of Ministers.