12 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 11

CLOSE OF TUE li.:; , ..wmARKET HOUGHTON MEETING. vrebio, November 5th.

Matches 100, h. ft. Ii. C.—Sir Galantine received from Big. Greville'? Earwig ; 50, h. ft. first half of Ab. 31.-31r. Dilly's Lioness beat Captain Bullieley'a

sister to Pinwire; III h. ft. Ab. Vansittart's Rubini beat Mr. Cooke:: Cloudesley ; 50,'1'. Y. C.—Lord Chesterfield's Titania beat Lord Warcester's Hay- maker ; 100, h. ft. T. Y. C.—Captain Ilatis's Crutch beat Mr. Henry's Agreeable 3 100 h. ft. T. Y. C.—Sir. Henry's Margaret beat Lord Chesterfield's Lareigravine ; 50 h. ft. T. 'Y. C.—Mr. Pettit's f. by Partisan, out of B a-, ire, beat Mr. Osbaldes- ton's Peter Pindar ; 100 A. F.—Lord Jersey's Blunderer heat Lord Orford's Gram; Duke ; 100, A. F.—Mr. Henry's Protocol beat Sir M. Wood's Captain Arthur ; 10Q, h. ft. A. F.—Mr. Chapman's The Cardinal beat Lord Worcester's C0111011.

Sweepstakes of 30 sovereigns each, first half of Ab. M. Four subscribers. Captain Byng's Dryad,:: yrs. 1st. 21h. (Pavis) 1 Colonel Peers Eccentricity, 2 yrs. 7st. 7113.,

Mr. Udny's Conservator, 4 yrs. Ss" 71b . 3 General Grosvenor's Bartolozzi, 2 yrs. fist. 131b. . 4 Sweepstakes of 10 sovereigns each, for 2 yr. olds. Four subscribers. Duke of Grafton's bl. c. Ebony 1 Mr. Gratwicke's gr. f. by Middleton, out of Jest 2

Mr. Greville's Agincourt . 3 Mr. Henry's ch. f. by Middleton, clam by Merlin

Monday, November 7.

Matches, 25 sovereigns. T. Y. C.—Hon. Capt. Rous's Earwig beat Mr. Greville's Agincourt ; 50 sovereigns, h. ft. T. Y. C.—Lord Portarliugton's Bedouin beat Mr. Pettit's Bravura ; 50 sovereigns. T.M.M.—Hon. Capt. Roues Earwig beat Lord Lowther's Bustle.

The Osbaldestou Plate of 501. given by Mr. 0. for the horses that galloped in the match against time. R. C. Lord Lowther's c. by Smolensk°, out of Abigail's darn, 3 m.

10ib.... .

Lord Banelagh's Donegan!, 4 yrs. Cat. Sib

CAPTAIN OSBALDISTON'S Us:rem—This feat, which consisted in riding for ten successive hours on an unlimited number of horses, and at a rate of not less than twenty miles an hour including all stoppages, was suc- cessfully performed on Saturday, on the round course, Newmarket, in 8 h. 42 m. being 1 h. 18 m. less than the time assigned. The match was for 1,000 guineas, and there were numerous bets. The stages were four miles each, but most of the horses went two, three, and one of thew —Tranby—four stages in the course of the running. Tranby ran hi sixteen miles in 33 in. 16 s. The chronicler of this great exploit remark on two accidents, one of which had very nearly put a stop. to it altage ther ; Clasher broke down, and IkeySolomons tripped. Had the honest Captain broken a leg or his neck by Ikey's tripping, there would have been such a rejoicing among those who had taken the odds against him ! Luckily he was only "a little flurried."