12 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 12


Tuesday, Nov. 8.


MAsoN and SAUNDERS, Cambridge Road, Mile End, dyers-DAWES and EDWARDS, Finch Lane, Corubill, ship-agents-MOWER and SMITH' Oxford Street and Orchard Street, upholsterers-EY LES and SULLEN, Ludgate Street, lace-mer- chants-STocsEs: and VINCENT, Mark Lane, wine-merchants-Gssns and Co. Stratford and Limehouse, ship-breakers-P. and T. HAftwoon, Thornaby, York- shire, brown-earthenware manufacturers-GRII'FITHS and Lu at LEY, High Holborn, confectioners-W. and T. MEN, saw-makers-FuRIVESS and Funny, Bridlington. Yorkshire, colour-manufacturers-HARRIS ON and MESSER, Chelmsford, grocers- LAWS ON and WAI.EER, iron-founders-- SMITH and Towxs, Keighley and Leeds, paper-manufacturers-H oat ER and CIIAPmAN, Little Yarmouth, Suffolk, school- masters-Om Lv z E and Co. Glasgow-Hans jun. and ELSAM, Lincoln, coach- builders-C. and R. P. SAVAGE, High Street, Whitechapel, cheesemongers-S PEXSE- LEY and BRIDGETT jun. Alderrnanbury, agents-CHANDLER and Co. Guilford, Surry, tnealmen-WALKE a and READE, Manchester, cotton-merchants-DERPSSY and Co. Liverpool, and HALL and Co. St. Domingo-PUPLETT and LEMERE, Mal- don, grocers-ALLEN and .TowEas, Liverpool, grocers-PAREEs and Sons, Bir- mingham, gilt-toy-makers; as far as regards S. PARKES-NEWTON and Co. Thorn-

Mortorniey, and Chapeltown, Yorkshire, and London, iron-masters-Mon- t:1s and PICKERING, Nottingham, hosiers-Pam:sox and Mos Cf:OVE, Liverpool, a,.ciros.smiths-BAxTEa and Co. Dundse, flax spinners-WALKSa and Co. Gallo;: Crook, Elgin, brewers. INSOLVENTS.

DANNEa, HENRY and FRANCIS GIFFOILD, Cripplegate Buildings, plumbers, Nov. 7. li'AvflEn, ROBERT JOHN London, mariner, Nov. 7.

WRIGHT, ANDREW, London, merchant, NOV. 7.


ANDREW, THOMAS, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, baker, to surrender Nov.11, 29, Dec.20: solicitors, Messrs. Hopwood and Foster, Chancery Lane. Bp.:saws, GEORGE BAKER, Poole, ironmonger, Nov. 11, IS, Dec. 20 : solicitor, Dlr. Adamson, Ely Place. CLUGSTON, ALEXANDER, and CHApmAN, CHARLES PsAacn, Paul's Wharf, Thames Street, merchants, Nov. 11, 18, Dec. 20: solicitor, Mr. Rodgers, Devon- shire Square, 13ishopsgate Street. EASTwOOD, WILLIAM, Waterloo Road, linen-draper, Nov. 11, 18, Dec. 20 : soli- citor, Dlr. Jones, Princes Street, Bank. GOLDING, N, Manchester. draper, Nov. 22, 23, Dec. 20 : solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row. GREEN, cuARLEs, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, cooper, Nov. 25, 26, Dec. 20 : solicitors, Messrs. King and Son, Sergeant's Inn, Fleet Street. HARVEY, WILLIAM, and GR.ICE, Tit ()ma s, Holloway, builders, Nov. 15, 22, Dec. 20 : solicitor, Mr. Smith, Great Eastcheap.

HAWKINS, THOMAS BROWN, Stafford, plumber, Dec. 2, 3, 20: solicitor, Mr Dove, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn.

IliasT, JOHN. Leeds, corn-factor, Nov. 23, 24, Dec. 20 : solicitors, Messrs. Blakelock and Fiddey, gergeant's Inn, Fleet Street. HUNT, JABEZ, Bath, grocer, Nov. 21, 22, Dec. 20: solicitor, Mr. Harvey, Bar- nard's Inn. Huxrsr, STEPHEN, Thannington, Kent, dealer in 6gs, Nov. 9, 11, Dec. 20: soli- citors. Messrs. Silvester and Walker, Furnival's Inn. JONES, JOHN, Bushey, Hertfordshire, silk-throwster, Nov. II, 18, Dec. 20 : soli- citors, Messrs. Sutcliffe and Birch, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars. TREASURE, JOHN. Monythusloyne. Monmouthshire, shopkeeper, Nov. 21, 22, Dec. 20: solicitors, Messrs. Platt and Hall, New Boswell Court, Lincoln's Inn.

WRIGHT, GEORGE, Woodhouse, Yorkshire, stone-mason, Nov. 21, 22, Dec. 20 : solicitors, Messrs. Bettye and Co. Chancery Lane.


Dec. 3. Vickers, Sarilby, Lincolnshire, victualler—Nev. 29, Devey, Coal Exchange, coal-factor—Nov. 29, White, Mitre Court, Fenchurch Street, merchant—Nov. 29, Jones, New Bond Street, linen-draper—Nov. 29, Burckhardt, Northumberland Street, Strand, goldsmith—Dec. 2, Brunn, Charing Cross, sword cutler—Dec. 2, J. and E. Barber, Cowper's Court, Cornhill, stock-brokers—Dec. 2, hloberly, Old Broad Street, merchant —Nov. 29, Richardson, Nicholas Lane, merchant — Nov. 29, Fitton, Brewer's Street, Somers Town, and Brighton, leather-cutter—Nov. 29, Living, St. Helen's Place, merchant—Nov. 29, Briggs, Grantham, Lincolnshire, tailor—Nov. 29, Hale, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, inn-keeper—Nov. 29, Hacker, Great Guilford Street, Borough, bat.dyer—Nov. 29, Davis, King's Head Yard, Russell Street, Covent Gar- den, and Hart Street, Covent Garden, orange-merchant—Dec. 2, Wardell jun. Old Gravel Lane, wine-merchant—Nov. 29, Bannister, John Street, Tottenham Court Road, goldsmith — Nov. 30, Greavea, Manchester, merchant—Dec. 1, Beckett, Hodge, Cheshire, cotton spinner—Nov. 29, Layzell, Colchester, linen-draper—Dec. 1, Boteherby, Darlington, Durham, linen-manufacturer—Dec. 1, Hodgson, Leeds, flax-spinner—Dec. 2, Murrell, Evesham, Worcestershire, grocer—Nov. 30, W. and .1. Maunder, Morchard Bishop, Devonshire, woollen-manufacturers.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Nov. 29.

Holt, Walton-on-the-Hill, Lancashire, school-master—Tasker, Liverpool,joiner- Pottinger, Stepney, victualler—Jennings, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, draper— Neighbour son. King Street, Snow Hill, wine-merchant—Dell, Barnet, Hertford- shire, horse-dealer—Pontin, Turnmill Street, Cow Cross, wire-weaver—Zachariah and Novra, High Holborn, dealers in German and French toys—Evans, Northum- berland Street, Charing Cross, tailor — Richardson, Barbican, builder — Dutton, Basinghall Street, dealer in wool—Wright, Birmingham, lamp-manufacturer—Hal- ket, Liverpool, timber-merchant—Beckett, Hodge, Cheshire, cotton-spinner.


BuRNS, DAVID, Birnam and Perth, distiller and writer, Nov. 14, Dec. 5. M'CALLu at, PETER, Glasgow, clothier, Nov. 11, 25.

Friday, November 11.


Caurtenan and HOVENDEN, King Street, Golden Square, and Clifton Street, Finsbury Square, hair-merchants—W. and A. HoAnt.v, Maidstone, coach-builders, —WA LEKR and Co. Felmersham, Bedfordshire, butchers—R. J . and J. PATTERSON, Tonbridge Town, Kent, tea-dealers—COCKER and CLEGG, Shawside, Lancashire, cotton-spinners—T. and J. MOODY, Bruton, Somersetshire, spirit-merchants—J. and W. CR YER, Gas Street, Moor Lane, millwrights—H °LT and CLARKE, Leeds and Wakefield, wool-staplers—KING and WATSON, King Street, Cheapside, woollen-warehousemen—STA INBANK and WRITE, Honiton, Devonshire, grocers- EVANS and ANwYL, Old Ford, Middlesex, distillers—RENN and BOSTON, Man- chester. organ-builders—JON Es and Co. Bristol, soap-boilers—OraveR and STORES, King Street, Snow Hill, brandy-distillers.


COURTENAV, CHARLES BARRON, Robert Street, Adelphi, Strand, bookseller, Nov. 10.

SMITH, DUNCAN NEIL, Friday Street, warehouseman, Nor. II.

WRIGHT, ROBERT, Painswick, Gloucestershire, clothier, Nov. 10.


PALS OP, GEORGE, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, surgeon, to surrender Nov. 24, 25, Dec. 23: solicitors, Mr. Chester, Staple Inn ; and Messrs. Bedsen and Rushton, Ut- toxeter.

ARCHIBALD, ALEXANDER, Thayer Street, Manchester Square, coal-merchant, Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 23 : solicitor, Mr. Hartley, New Bridge Street. Blackfriars.

BAILS'', EDWARD HODGES, Percy Street, Tottenham Court Road, sculptor, Nov. 18, 29, Dec. 23 : solicitor, Mr. Fisher, Walbrook.

BARSTON, Josue and THOMAS, Grantham, Lincolnshire, ironfounders, Nov.24, 25, Dec. 23: solicitors, Mr. Mason, Millman Street, New Guilford Street ; and Messrs. Ostler and Son, Grantham.

BEVAN, EDWARD, and GATES, MICHAEL, Bristol, merchants, Nov. 25, 26, Dec. 23: solicitors, Messrs. Merediths and Reeve, New Square, Lincoln's Ion ; and Messrs. Osborne and Ward, Broad Street, Bristol.

BOTT, THOMAS, Hart Street, Covent Garden, farrier, Nov.18, 25, Dec. 23 : soli- citor, Mr.Shuter, Millbank Street, Westminster. BROWN, WILL/A81 JONES, Great Winchester Street, eilkman, Nov. 18, 29, Dec. 23 : solicitor, Mr. James, Bucklersbury.

CARELESS, JAMES, Sweeting's Alley, Cornhill, victualler, and Leadenhall Mar- ket, cheesemonger, Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 23: solicitor, Mr. Whiting, London Bridge Foot.

CROSS, WILLIAM, Old Swan Wharf, London Bridge, coal-merchant, Nov. 18, 25, Dec.23 : solicitors, Messrs. Hindmarsh and Son, Crescent, Jewin Street, Cripplegate. Fay, ALFRED AD GUST If S, Great Ormond Street and Bridge Street, dealer, Nov.

25, Dec. 2, 23: solicitor, Mr. Smith, King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street.

Go opnr cK, EDWARD, Huntingdon, linen-draper, Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 23 : solicitors, Messrs. Tilleard and Co. Old Jewry.

Gu z v ER, JEsPE a, Enfield Highway, stage-master, Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 23 : solicitor, Mr. Young, Mark Lane. HARRISON, RICHARD, Birmingham, druggist, Nov. 29, 30, Dec. 23 : solicitors, Messrs. Adlingtnn and Co. Bedford Row ; and Mr. Wills, Birmingham.

HAWKr NS, WILLIAM, Lambeth Road, carpenter,Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 23: solicitors, Messrs. Sylvester and Walker, Furnival's Inn. HICK3IAN, HENRY, Devonshire Place, Edgeware Road, brick-maker, Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 23: solicitor, Mr. Pocock, Bartholomew Close.

LAWRENCE, CHARLES, and H000t xs, ALBANY, Philpot Lane. merchants, Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 23 : solicitors, Messrs. Brooking and Surr, Lombard Street. MAYNARD, JESSE, Brighthclmstone, Sussex, draper, Nov. 25, 28, Dec. 23: solici- tors, Messrs. Clift and Fisher, Red Lion Square ; and Mr. Brookbank, Bright- kelmst one. NEWMAN, GEORGE, Pancras Lane, Cheapside, agent, Nov. 25, Dec. 2, 23: soli- citor, Mr. Harrison, King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street. ODELL, GEORGE, Northampton, horse-dealer, Nov. 30, Dec. 1, 23: solicitors, Mr. Wing, South Square, Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Hewitt, Northampton. B.WINLE LLs, Jon sr, Manchester, mercer, Nov. 21, Ill, Dec. 23 : solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Law and Coates, Manchester. WATTS, Jon X, Corsley Heath, Wiltshire. grocer, Nov. 2a, t 9, Dec. 23 : solicitors, Messrs. Perkins and Frampton, Gray's Inn Square ; and Mr. Miller, Frome, Somer. setshire.

WILTsizine, WILLIAM, Frome-Sclwood, Somersetshire. innholder. Nov. 28, 29, Dec. 23: solicitors, Messrs. Perkins and Frampton, Gray's Inn Square ; and Mr. Miner, Frome, Somersetshire. WINTERTON, THOMAS, Earl Shilton Leicestershire, spirit-merchant, Nov. 25,

26, Dec. 23: solicitors, Messrs. Jones and Horton, South Square, Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Jarvis, Hinckley.

Woo ow n n, MATTFIEW, Rueeley, Staffordshire, mercer, Dee. 2, 3, 23: soli. citors, Mr. Dove, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn; and Mr. Smith, Rugeley.


Dec. 2, M. and G. J. Ross, Dowgate Hill, merchants—Dec. 2, Clarke and Moore, Leadenhall Street, woollen-drapers—Dec.2, J. and J. Hood, Cork Street, Burlington Gardens, tailors—Dec. 2, Cooper, Prince's Street, distiller—Dec. 2, Watkins, Shore- ditch, grocer—Dec.2, Cohen, Hastings, Sussex, jeweller—Dec. 2, Lyney, jun. Lime- house, sail-maker—Dec. 9,S. and H. S. Crane, Stratford, Essex, merchants—Dec. 6, Everett, Heytesbury, Wiltshire, clothier—Dec. 2, Macdonell, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, wine-merchant—Dec. 2, Beauchamp, Holborn, silversmith—Dec. 20, Smith, Grove Cottage, St. John's Wood, builder—Dec. 2, Junes, Old Compton Street, Soho, upholsterer—Dec.2, Johnston, New Street Square, brass-founder—Dec. 13, Fagg, St. Andrew's Hill, builder—Dec. 2, Dawes and Co. Pall Mall, hankers—Nov. 29, Till; Basinghall Street, woollen-draper—Dec. 6, Newman, Upper Chipton, carpenter —Dec.2, Turner, Layton. Essex, dealer in horses—Dec. 6, Ince, Craven Street, Strand, wine-merchant—Dec. 2, Wagner, Piccadilly, tailor—Dec. 2, Wallington and Co. Cateaton Street, woollen-drapers—Dec. 2, R. and R. Harris and Co. Watling Street, wholesale linen drapers—Dee. 2, Al. and J. F. Welcker, Leicester Square, tailors—Dec. 2, Taylor, Old Bond Street, ladies' shoe-maker—Dec. 2, Metcalfe, Upper East Smithfield, oilman-=Dec. 7, Halket and Hughes, Liverpool, timber- merchants—Dec. 5, Beart, Great Yarmouth, money-scrivener.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before December 2. Matthews, Bristol, basket-maker—Austin, Woolwich, ironmonger—Feldon, Ox- ford, tailor—Triggs, Sol's Row, Hampstead Road, copper-plate-printer—Elam, Cheapside, linen-draper—Watkins, Old Kent Road. Surry, victualler.


STEEL, THOMAS, Glasgow, grain-merchant, Nov. 16, 29.