12 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 16


FOSSARD has returned to Paris—why, who is FOSSARD ? FOSSARD is a hero, who has been some time in exile, as NAPOLEON was at Elba. The social powers combined against him, overpowered and confined him—not in a separate island, but in a well-protected portion of the sea-shore. He escaped: he was hardly missed in the South before a great blow was struck in the North. It could he no one but FOSSARD. It was FOSSARD. A bank was robbed of an immense sum in a most ingenious manner: thus FOSSARD was known to be in the capital. Cannes, Paris, Waterloo, all in a breath: this is the style of genius—the modern translation of " Veni, vidi, victus sum." FOSSARD is tat:en : he must once more travel with the " They who have read that Black Book of Human Nature, the Memoirs of VIDOCQ, Will be familiar with FOSSARD —the inimit- able picklock, the indomitable thief, the veteran gallIrien ! He is a perfect character at the wrong end of society. YATES gives a picture of him at the Adelphi in the play of Victorine.