12 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 2

It would appear that the disputes at Macao, with the

Chinese, instead of dying away, are raging with renewed violence. Among the many commissions of inquiry at home and abroad, we think Government would do well to have a Macao commission. The East India. Company say that private traders cannot manage the Chinese; it is quite obvious that public traders cannot. The Can- ton Register of the 26th of May states, thatfor some time the conduct of the Canton Government had been such as to convince the Committee that a rupture was inevitable ; and that on the 32th of May the Foo Youen and the Hoppo, with a large body of armed attendants, forcibly entered the British factory, broke the gate, insulted the picture of the King, and committed various other outrages. In consequence of this, Mr. LINDSEY gave formal pos- session of the keys to the Chinese authorities. Private letters say that a greater part of the factory had been fired by the Chi- mese, and burnt to the ground.