12 NOVEMBER 1831, Page 21

The Cottager's Friendly Guide is a tract particularly full of

useful information. It is certainly much indebted to COBBETT ; but it is of little consequence who first put the matter together, provided it be sound, and well and duly circulated. This tract has a considerable advantage over COBBETT, in going more into the culinary details of a cottage by which the housewife is taughtgood methods of preparing cheap and palatable dinners. In this our peasantry are miserably deficient: they are ignorant of the art of making a little animal food go a great way—it is the art of flavours ing. There are good and practicable instructions on this head in the little tract before us. It ought to be known that the price is only sixpence, or five shillings per dozen for distribution. Some philanthropist ought to buy the copyright, and circulate it at two- pence per copy.