12 NOVEMBER 1965, Page 11

Steel and Mr. Foot

Last week Tribune trailed for this week's issue a piece by Mr. Michael Foot to be called `Steel and the Queen's Speech.' It could be a very short piece because steel is not mentioned. Not a word. Not a perishing dickybird. Glory, elf Glory Hallelujah! Last year it demanded 'early action': this year it is dropped. The Labour party is being dictated to by Desmond Donnelly.

I have more respect for Michael Foot than any other member of what was once Labour's left wing, and I tried to warn him and anyone else who would listen that on steel and many other things Mr. H. Wilson would sell him down the Swanee river.

And now pray silence while the left wing `consider their position.' And having done so they will agree to stand on their head. They always do.