12 NOVEMBER 1965, Page 15

The Age of Majority

SIR,—As the law now stands, people under twenty- one cannot marry without their parents' or the court's consent; they can be made wards of court for a variety of reasons; there are contracts they cannot make—mortgage contracts, for instance—and there are restrictions on what they can do with property.

A Committee on the Age of Majority has been set up by the Lord Chancellor to consider whether any changes arc desirable in the law affecting minors in these matters. We would very much like to hear from any person or organisation who may have Something to contribute. Written evidence should be sent to Mr. H. D. S. Venables. the Secretary to the Committee on the Age of Majority, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand. London, WC2, and it would be a great help if anyone sending us a memorandum could say whether they would also be prepared to come and give oral evidence if necessary.

Royal Courts of Justice, London, WC2