12 NOVEMBER 1965, Page 9

Spectator's Notebook

NE strangest sight of the new session will


I be to watch the Liberal party smoothing Mr. Wilson's path. I wonder sometimes if they have forgotten Mr. Lloyd George's warning to them in April 1924 when Mr. Asquith was performing for Mr. Ramsay MacDonald the service that Mr. Grimond seeks now to do for Mr. Wilson. David Lloyd George saw the Liberal party con- demned 'as oxen to drag the Labour wain over the rough roads of Parliament for two or three years and at the end of the journey, when there is no further use for them, they are to be slaughtered.' It was not two or three years, it was only six months until the election came in 1924—and the Liberals were slaughtered. West- minster is a portent: perhaps Erith and Crayford will be another. But the latter-day Asquithians will. no more heed these warnings than their ancestors heeded Lloyd George forty years ago.